EDS and COVID-19 – General Tips

We have generated a list of tips for our EDS peers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


General tips for those affected by EDS and related disorders 

  • Eat nutrient rich foods. See this list of tips.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Abide by the Wisconsin “Safer at Home” rules put in place. (Other states have shelter in place orders already – check with your local state’s website for more information)
    • Don’t play cards with neighbors, don’t allow play dates or teen hang outs regardless of complaints
  • Thieves essential oil
  • Keep yourself busy by:
    • Finishing latent cleaning
    • Keeping in touch with family members
    • Enjoying this time with the family and your pets
    • Crafting
  • Set up a cleaning or sanitizing station outside your door with hand sanitizer and wipes, if you have them. 
  • Instead of cancelling your appointments, see if your provider will switch to a tele-visit.
    • Most clinics are allowing patients to go to their  doctors appointments over the phone or online. If you haven’t heard from your doctors office you can call them to inquire about this option.
  • Seek out store hours set up specifically for high risk people.
  • Applying for Unemployment  – Use your states website to apply for unemployment if you have lost your job.
  • Recently ill? Don’t assume you’ve already had COVID-19. Always take necessary precautions and safety measures for yourself and others.
  • If you have to use a nebulizer, tape up the end not going in your mouth to prevent droplets from being dispersed into the room.

Information to help those who are worried about their family and friends 

  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member. If you don’t have anyone to speak with, most counselors are able to do phone visits and charge insurance. 
  • Be careful where you are getting your information from. Only read and share information that is distributed by credible sources. 
  • Know the facts
  • Spread positivity


Good to know information

  • Stores are starting to re-stock and have more items available for purchase.
    • Many stores have imposed item limits on popular purchases (think: toilet paper) and are now doing curbside pickup or delivery. Check with your local store for specifics.
  • We are all in this together.

Together we are stronger!