EDS and COVID-19 – Info for volunteers

Volunteers – we want to make sure you have resources while making meaningful contacts during these unprecedented times.
Please use this info as a guide when making contact with our members.


Q: How are we preparing to help our volunteers, leaders, and members and people who live alone? 

  • We’re sending out email updates. Please make sure you are signed up to receive these updates by clicking here.
  • We are preparing to offer support and resources for patients and medical professionals by compiling concise resources.
  • Some of our regional leaders have chosen to contact the members on their regions Support Group Tree for 1 on 1 check ins, like a telephone tree.
    • If you would like to be added to your region’s Support Group Tree, or if you’d like someone to call you for a check in, please fill out our contact survey.
  • We are making telephone calls to check on others within our regions. Sometimes it’s nice to hear another human voice instead of texting or receiving a written message online.


Q: What should I say when I call to check on people I don’t know very well, such as others on my regions Support Group Tree? 

  • Let them know you’re thinking of them and want to check in on them. Ask them if they have a minute to talk. If they cannot talk, ask them when would be a good time to call back.
  • Ask them how they are feeling, not only physically but also emotionally. Be prepared by having enough time to listen, as well as having this guide close by with some resources for them. Don’t be afraid to ask others in your area for help if needed. Oftentimes people like to feel needed and will offer their help if they can.
  • Ask about their family (children, parents, pets, etc.)
  • Ask if there is anything that they need if they haven’t already disclosed this.
  • Dialing 211 in any county leads them to a community resource agent for local resource information.
  • This WPR article details where to find food, housing, and help during the pandemic (specific to Wisconsin).
  • Share our upcoming online Zoom Groups for socialization.
    • Click here to check out our list of events – we have some fun ones planned!
  • Encourage everyone to check for upcoming Events by signing up for emails or subscribing to our Facebook Page at EDS Wisconsin.
  • Make sure they are connected and signed up to receive emails from us before hanging up.
  • Schedule a time or date to follow up with them. Make sure you put this on your calendar along with their contact information.
  • Thank them for speaking with you.


Together we are stronger!