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Tsilos Schoener | Strengthening EDS Connections!

Tsilos Schoener

Tsilos Schoener

Board Member and Webmaster

Tsilos graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree in 2007 from UW Madison Law School. She also graduated with double majors and a Bachelors of Art degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2003. Tsilos comes to EDS Wisconsin as an experienced board member with personal experience and interests regarding EDS.

Tsilos’ mother passed away undiagnosed at the early age of 50 from medical complications. Since then, she has had family members who have been diagnosed with EDS. She, herself, has been diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder, and related conditions Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and Psoriatic Arthritis Mutilans.

Together we are stronger!