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EDS Wisconsin has divided the state into smaller, more manageable regions.

Currently these regions are:

  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Wausau
  • Northeastern Wisconsin,
  • La Crosse and
  • we now have a Online Support Group Meetings!
  • We also have individuals interested in starting an Eau Claire Area Support group. Please email if you are interested in attending or leading a group in this area.

Our Support Group Meetings are always lissted on our Facebook Page, and on our Google Events Calendar.

Call for Leaders ! We need you!

We are still looking for leaders in Madison, Eau Claire, and Appleton/Green Bay regions. EDS Wisconsin works collaboratively with Leader’s so that they are fully supported and have resources to lead the groups!

If you’re interested in helping to further the Mission of EDS Wisconsin, apply here!

Wausau Area Support Group

Entire families are welcome to attend!  The Support Group is focused on getting to know each other and developing/sharing resources with one another. We hope to see you there!

Contact: Angela at or Shelly at


Milwaukee Area Support Group


Contact: Dawn at or Sheryl at, or Denise at

Madison Area Support Group

Contact: Johanna at or Tom at

La Crosse Area Support Group

Contact: Michelle at or Brandy at


Online Support Group Meetings

Contact: Michelle at or Katy at


Northeastern Wisconsin Area Support Group

Please email Tammy at if you are interested in attending or leading a Support Group in this area.


  1. littlezebra41 / January 19, 2020

    Hello. It has taken me a lot to build the courage to say this, but I am trying to find support. I am not yet diagnosed but I meet all the criteria. I am seventeen and have been living in chronic pain my whole life. Many of my family members also meet criteria. For the longest time no one has had any answers. I have been back and forth to doctors my whole life but they always seem puzzled. I have been to children’s three times after having torn my acl twice and my surgeon being puzzled by my low bone density. I am at the point where I live with the pain and am still trying to recover from the second acl reconstruction which was almost two years ago now. My knee slides in and out of place and frankly it is more painful than it sounds. My surgeon and athletic trainer have been helpful but honestly no one knows how to help anymore. They said I have arthritis, hamstring tendinitis, and a moderate patella-femoral tracking issue. I am hoping someone will read this and be able to help. I just am hungry for answers. I live in the fox valley area. Hope I am not a bother to y’all. XOXO

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