Stephanie Goettl Vander Pas

Stephanie Goettl Vander Pas

Spokesperson, Blogger & Advocate

Stephanie is an EDS patient living in southern Wisconsin and while she considers that having EDS makes her a qualified blogger for the site, she thinks her strength and love of advocacy are more important parts of why she’s qualified to write here. Stephanie is a dedicated advocate for EDS patients, after more than a decade of waiting to understand what was happening with her own body. Her empathy for patients gives her a unique perspective in her writing, particularly for young adults or parents looking for insight into how to handles their children’s needs as EDS patients.

Outside of her own medical needs and working with EDS Wisconsin to blog, Stephanie manages a student rental company and has served on the Common Council for her city since she was 20 years old, part of her advocacy streak. Stephanie is absolutely obsessed with her 1-year old Papillon puppy, Essex and is currently planning a summer wedding to her long-time boyfriend, Nathan.

She looks forward to sharing with you here and would love any and all insight you have on her blog!

Together we are stronger!