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Use this page to find links to journal articles and credible information to help treat patients affected by Ehlers Danlos syndromes (EDS) and related disorders, such as Mast Cell Activation (MCA) and Dysautonomia.

My COVID-19 Plan by Linda Bluestein, M.D.

“Quercetin is a highly bioactive flavonoid (plant pigment) important for mast cell stabilization and immune health… In addition to anti-inflammatory activity, quercetin has been shown to have antiviral properties…. Many of my MCAS patients respond very favorably to supplementation with Quercetin.”

Emergency Room Protocols from The Mastocytosis Society

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Perioperative Care in Patients with Ehlers Danlos Syndromes

Diagnosis of mast cell activation syndrome: a global “consensus-2”

Published online: 22 Apr 2020

“Underdiagnosis by inappropriately restrictive criteria is dangerous given (1) increasing evidence of substantial prevalence of MCAS (various publications, based on varying amounts of data, have provided estimates ranging from “rare” [10] to as high as 17% of the general population [11], the latter perhaps unsurprising given the increasingly recognized great prevalence of a wide range of allergic and inflammatory disorders which may be rooted at least partly in MCAS), and (2) experience to date (e.g. [12]) suggesting that most MCAS patients, regardless of the (typically decades long) duration of their complex multisystem unwellness prior to diagnosis, eventually identify some regimen which helps them gain significant, largely sustainable improvement..”

Answering COVID-19 FAQ from Bendy Folk

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