A HUGE thank you to all of our donors, it is because of you that we are able to achieve our mission of providing support and resources to doctors and patients throughout Wisconsin in 2018. 

To date, we have created six in-person support groups throughout Wisconsin; further, we’ve provided resource materials to many doctors and patients in need and were able to provide grant monies to two teens to attend a pain conference. Additionally, we held a very successful Meagan’s HOPE Memorial Walk for EDS Awareness and Suicide Prevention which brought 186 individuals together in one place in 2018, traveled to Chicago as EDS panelists for medical students, began working on a leadership program with national organizations, made lots of connections between patients and providers, and have many exciting events currently being planned. 

It is EDS Wisconsin’s greatest honor and pleasure to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of everyone who either has EDS or has been affected by EDS!

Together we are making a difference. Thank you!

  • Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling
  • Aspirus Family Medicine
  • Chrysalis Massage
  • Concrete Creations of Wisconsin, Inc
  • Culver’s of Rhinelander
  • Digicopy
  • EDS Awareness
  • Fishing Hot Spots
  • Original Pancake House
  • People’s State Bank
  • Prevention Genetics
  • Priority Physical Therapy
  • Silver Ring Splint
  • Soleil Beads
  • The Caring Tree Children’s Center
  • Tools of Marketing
  • University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
  • Wisconsin Integrative Pain Specialists 
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Racing Hearts Day 5k Trail Run/Walk proceeds will benefit programs, education and research efforts at Aurora Medical Center Grafton’s Dysautonomia Center. Help us raise awareness for this “silent” disease, and fund new research. More information here.

Have you heard the news?

Prevention Genetics and Advanced Tele-Genetic Counseling (ATGC) joined us at our latest event, Meagan’s Walk for EDS Awareness and Suicide Prevention and shared in announcing our amazing news.

EDS Wisconsin, Inc. has worked to make genetic testing more accessible, through telephone counseling and self-administered testing.  This can eliminate the long wait, often years, many people face trying to get an appointment and testing with a geneticist.

In honor of the latest news, we’ve created a resource page specifically for genetics resources that we’ll be updating as more information becomes available.

Check it out, share, and don’t forget to print your referral form below!


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We can’t wait to hear your reactions!

*Edited to add Live Webinar Registration.  See Below.

Education and Support for Patients and Medical Professionals

Hosted by EDS Wisconsin, Inc.

PATIENTS, have you ever gone to a medical appointment and wondered, “Where do I even start? What IS important and what’s NOT important? I hope they believe me.”

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, do you have patients who have complex symptoms and wonder, “Where do I start? How do I best help this patient? I don’t have enough time.”

At this first educational event in a series of four for 2018 hosted by EDS Wisconsin, patients and medical professionals will be given tools and tips to help get through these appointments with confidence and ease. Join Linda Stapleford Bluestein, M.D., and Tammy Kosbab, President and Founder of EDS Wisconsin, Inc for this empowering event! You don’t want to miss this! What do you have to lose anyways, besides the anxiety?


Raffles and Door Prizes

WHO: Medical Professionals and Patients – All are welcome
WHERE: Auditorium at Aspirus Family Medicine, 425 Wind Ridge Drive in Wausau
WHEN: Saturday, March 24, 1 – 3 pm

See you there!

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*Register for the Live Webinar Here

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Many thanks to our current and past Sponsors & Donors because we couldn’t do this without their generous support: Wisconsin Integrative Pain Specialists, Aspirus Family Medicine, The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, The Caring Tree Children’s Counseling Center, Fishing Hot Spots, Chrysalis Massage, Priority Physical Therapy, EDS Awareness, EDS Wellness, Soleil Beads, EDS Network CARES, and Silver Ring Splints.

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Together we are stronger!